Course Descriptions

Virtual Production: Visioning Course
Virtual Production: Common Spaces – Ideas in Transit

Learning Material

  • Virtual Production – An Introduction and Exploration – link (WEB)
  • Teambuilding and Project Work – link (PDF)
  • Conducting UX Interviews – link (PDF)
  • Volumetric Video Capturing – Commented Link List – link (PDF)
  • Of what Use is Virtual Reality – link (PDF)
  • History of Virtual Reality – link (PDF)
  • Where to start when creating VR Content – link (PDF)

Templates and Tools

  • Inspirational Tool ( Problem – Audience – Technology)link (PDF)

External Resources

  • Epic’s Virtual Production Field Guide – link (PDF)
  • Eric von Hippel: Democratizing Innovation – link (PDF)
    Eric von Hippel invented the “Lead User” concept. Pages 19ff make a good optional read on what “Lead Users” actually are.