When developing content for ITV (Interactive Televison), audience, format and dramaturgy must be taken into account.
To ensure that all the necessary aspects and issues are taken into account, the ITV format Canvas (SVG-Format / PDF-Version), developed within the framework of EMEX, can provide the following services. All necessary questions to which answers must be found are described in detail.
If all fields in the canvas are sufficiently and satisfactorily answered, you or your team are ready for a project pitch.

The ITV Pitch Deck Template with explanations and links helps you to design your pitch. In general, one slide per theme is enough. But, sometimes you might decide you really need two slides to elaborate on a particular element. However, these are guidelines and feel free to deviate if you feel it’s appropriate or necessary.
The pitch should describe and visualize how users interact and how they participate. A mock-up is indispensable to make this comprehensible. To make sure that the content of the second screen is also clearly visible, you have to deviate a little from reality and make the second screen a little bigger.