OnCreate was an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership running from 2014-2017, coordinated by University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal and predecessor of the EMEX project. As the old OnCreate website had to be taken down due to technical difficulties, we decided to host its content here.

OnCreate Courses

Documentation of all online courses courses that have been created during the project

  •  Concepting Reality TV Formats – link (PDF)
  • HTML5 Game Design – link (PDF)
  • Visual Stories From Future Cities – link (PDF)
  • Virtual Teamwork Introduction Course – link (PDF)
  • The Mixing of Realities (VR Course) – link (PDF)
  • The Future of Storytelling (MOOC) – link (PDF)
  • Storytelling Compact Course – link (PDF)
  • Social Media Online Course – link (PDF)
  • Service Design Course – link (PDF)
  • Interdisciplinary Projects – link (PDF)
  • Experience Report from IDEO Human Centred Design Course – link (PDF)
  • Development 2.0 Course: The Post-2015 (Millenium Development Goals) Agenda – link (PDF)
  • Communicating about Change and Developments – link (PDF)
  • Branding Design Course – link (PDF)
  • Advanced User Experience Design Workshop – link (PDF)
  • 3D Asset Pipeline Course – link (PDF)

Online Learning Spaces

How do you create a good learning environment out of the countless tools around there? We introduce four prototypical settings and explain their area of application.

  • Project Management Apps as platforms for online learning – link (PDF)
  • MOOC-Platform-Centred Courses – link (PDF)
  • Learning Management System (LMS)-Centred Design Courses – link (PDF)
  • Facebook-Centred Courses – link (PDF)

OnCreate Teaching Methods

Some nifty general purpose methods we developed in the OnCreate project to solve some typical problems in online teaching.

  • Working with Reflective Essays and Project Diaries: It’s hard to observe and judge the quality of online teamwork. The solution is to have the students document and reflect it themselves. Increases self-reflection and makes a good base for fair course grading. – link (PDF)
  • Matchmaking Trump Game: A fun, albeit a bit over-the-top way to create transnational teams with complementing competencies. – link (PDF)
  •  myInfoViz – Working with Personal Information Visualisiations – link (PDF)
  • LivingDataViz – Working with information visualisation of student groups – link (PDF)
  • Icebreaker – Selfie Introduction – link (PDF)
  • The Silent Game – link (PDF) 
  • Visual Activity Overview – link (PDF)

Evaluating Creative Online Learning

We developed evaluation methods for different aspects of creative online collaboration. Note that these methods follow very pragmatic approaches. They can help you in practice, but may lack the rigour you’d expect in scientific research.

  • Trust and Empathy – link (PDF)
  • Teambuilding and Composition – link (PDF)
  • Online Sociability – Online Collaboration Questionnaire (based on Kreijns et al.) – link (PDF)
  • Design Criteria of Collaborative Online Courses – link (PDF)
  • Communication and Intercultural Issues – link (PDF)
  • Usability and Usefulness Evaluation Tool – link (PDF)
  • Sense of Presence in online courses – link (PDF)
  • Giving Feedback in online teaching – link (PDF)
  • Creative Decision Making – link (PDF)

Presentations and Publications

This is a list of presentations and publications of the OnCreate Consortium Members.

Map of Europe showing locations of OnCreate Consortium Partners