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In the context of EMEX, Emerging Media mean new forms of media that neither know established formats nor well-defined workflows and mature tools. In Emerging Media, each project is aventure with the air of pioneering and a volatile plan that may hit a dead end or a breakthrough at any time. It typically needs new connections between so far unrelated departments and sees the emergence of new roles and mindsets. 

For both creators and users, emerging media are transformative to the way we perceive and think about the world. We want to educate skilled and reflective media professionals and prepare them for a successful 40+ years career in the ever-changing media business.

Teaching Emerging Media

Blended Mobility Courses

Innovative Partners

// What can be a timeless definition of emerging media?
// How to prepare students for 45 years of professional life?
// What are current forms of emerging media?
// What are unique emerging media competencies?

// How do we build transnational teams online?
// How can we ideate and prototype online?
// What do we teach online, what onsite?
// How can we prepare students for longtime mobility?

// Who are our prospective partners?
// How do we brief the students?
// How do we keep the partners involved and engaged?
// Under which conditions may partners use the results?

Partners / Contact

/ Prof. Björn Stockleben

 / Martyn Thayne and Graham Cooper


/ Prof. Markku Turunen

 / Carita Forsgren

 / Mark Lochrie

 / Annette Wilson and Simone Hollederer

Amount of the grant: 381.727 Euro
Term of the strategic partnership: 01.09.2018 – 31.08.2021